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Fundraising Process

FASMICRO Group tailors its approach according to its clients' preferences, the nature and positioning of the product and the market environment. Whatever the assignment, we strive to add value at each stage in the process. While no two processes are alike, a generic process might be described as follows:

Impeccable project preparation 

We know what is necessary to attract financing. As entrepreneurs and owners, we have been through successes and failures, so we understand our clients needs, challenges, and opportunities.

FASMICRO applies the same proven methodology to the projects we develop either as principals or as advisors to select clients. We do the work to prepare the project for financing:

Evaluate preparedness – market, management, technology
Create impeccable project information
Foster competition among sources of finance
Negotiate and close the best deal for our client

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does FASMICRO Group do?
FASMICRO Group helps project sponsors prepare projects for financing and obtain the financing

Where do you work?
We go where the project is but particularly Africa. We work around the globe, and our network of affiliates gives our team additional local execution capacity in every region. 

Have you worked in my industry?
We can apply our proven methodology across industries, and have worked successfully on projects in most industry groups. 

How big must my project be?
FASMOCRO works on large and small projects. There is no upper limit; however, it is generally not economical for a sponsor to engage us if the project is not seeking $5 million or more in capital. 

Is FASMICRO Group a bank?
FASMICRO Group is not a bank. We source funding for projects from banks, private equity funds, Asian investors and other global investors

How long does it take to obtain financing for a project?
The time required to obtain financing depends on the type and size of a project, and how ready it is for financing. The finance Test diagnostic will answer this question for a specific project.

Will FASMICRO Group fund my project?
FASMICRO Group does not fund projects directly. We source funding for projects from banks, private equity funds, and other global investors

Does FASMICRO work with specific banks / sources of financing?
FASMICRO Group identifies the sources of financing most appropriate to each project.

How does FASMICRO Group add value to a project?
FASMICRO Group makes sure the project is ready for financing, prepares comprehensive investment materials, and negotiates the best available funding package for the project.
A project is ready for financing when all the elements necessary for successful implementation have been identified and/or put in place. FASMICRO Group will identify missing elements, and can assist in filling the gaps. FASMICRO prepares investment materials that provide a complete description of the business, detailed financial projections, and answers to the critical questions investors will raise. FASMICRO manages due diligence and negotiation so the project sponsor is insulated from the process.

What does it cost to retain FASMICRO Group?
It depends on the type and complexity of the project. FASMICRO Group's success fees are industry standard and can be partly funded from the financing negotiated by our Team.

Some Completed Projects

• Developed a roadmap document for National Biotechnology Agency (Nigeria) for local vaccine production
• Designed & installed W/Africa's largest embedded systems lab for Electronic Dev. Institute Awka
• Developed a strategic blueprint for National Space Research & Dev Agency for local satellite production
• Executed a complex IT infrastructure project for UnityKapital

Some Ongoing Projects

• Executing a new infrastructure project for connected education in Abia State
• Developed a roadmap document for Raw Materials Research & Development Council (RMRDC) for commercial PCB production in Nigeria
• Raising capital for a government through a JV for establishing a hi-tech factory in an African capital
• Raising capital for a multi-million dollar real estate project in Nigeria through a BOT

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