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Milonics Analytics, a business of FASMICRO Group, has joined IBM PartnerWorld as a cybersecurity and big data analytic company.

PartnerWorld offers benefits for all types of companies and members. Whether you are focused on marketing, selling, technical, training or collaboration tasks, we offer benefits to help you succeed. PartnerWorld benefits are IBM funded offerings or discounts passed that represent tangible and unique, competitive marketplace offerings that directly improve partner revenue, profit or cost savings.

Through this network, Milonics Analytics will have access to some of IBM products and services which will help us provide better services to our clients. In a letter dated June 17, 2014, IBM congratulated our firm and explained how “business leaders are using data to transform their enterprises and institutions through analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud. They’re redesigning how their teams work, reassessing how to serve their customers, and changing the very nature of business.” We are very honored to be in this league and will use this network to provide superior services to our clients with absolute commitment to quality.

The vision of Milonics Analytics is to offer superior insights so that clients can see patterns even where there seems to be none. We do that by developing mathematical models. With out technology in East Africa, stakeholders are hedging better on the prices of commodities. And we are deploying tools in the present election cycle in Nigeria.

Independently, the Founder of Milonics Analytics, Dr Ndubuisi Ekekwe, was recognized as IBM Global Entrepreneur in a letter from IBM dated June 18, 2014.

Some Completed Projects

• Developed a roadmap document for National Biotechnology Agency (Nigeria) for local vaccine production
• Designed & installed W/Africa's largest embedded systems lab for Electronic Dev. Institute Awka
• Developed a strategic blueprint for National Space Research & Dev Agency for local satellite production
• Executed a complex IT infrastructure project for UnityKapital

Some Ongoing Projects

• Executing a new infrastructure project for connected education in Abia State
• Developed a roadmap document for Raw Materials Research & Development Council (RMRDC) for commercial PCB production in Nigeria
• Raising capital for a government through a JV for establishing a hi-tech factory in an African capital
• Raising capital for a multi-million dollar real estate project in Nigeria through a BOT

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