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FASMICRO Group is a young and dynamic group of companies and a respected brand in Africa. Built on the tripod pillars of integrity, professionalism, and entrepreneurial spirit, FASMICRO delivers quality across its business segments and sectors with unparalleled insights. 

Our key focus is Africa and we operate through three main services - technology/engineering, investments and strategic advisory - to cover a broad range of sectors including technology, education, public sector, financial services, manufacturing, real estate and agriculture. We also focus on providing access to finance as a catalyst for development in Africa. 

We have created companies and served as strategic advisors to governments and companies. We make this experience available to select clients while we continue our own entrepreneurial activities. We are owners who advise other owners.

Our wholly owned subsidiary Milonics Analytics is an IBM PartnerWorld member. Another subsidiary, First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics Ltd, is an authorized business partner to Altera Corp and Microchip Corp (both public traded companies in U.S.). We partner with leading companies across the globe to create value in Africa. For us, we strengthen the triple helix of people, processes and tools as we serve our clients and work with our partners.

Our social responsibility is visible in communities we operate through our social enterprise, African Institution of Technology, a 501(c)3 public charity registered by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Some Completed Projects

• Developed a roadmap document for National Biotechnology Agency (Nigeria) for local vaccine production
• Designed & installed W/Africa's largest embedded systems lab for Electronic Dev. Institute Awka
• Developed a strategic blueprint for National Space Research & Dev Agency for local satellite production
• Executed a complex IT infrastructure project for UnityKapital

Some Ongoing Projects

• Executing a new infrastructure project for connected education in Abia State
• Developed a roadmap document for Raw Materials Research & Development Council (RMRDC) for commercial PCB production in Nigeria
• Raising capital for a government through a JV for establishing a hi-tech factory in an African capital
• Raising capital for a multi-million dollar real estate project in Nigeria through a BOT

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